1999 District Game Ball alongside 1976 State Runner-up Ball
Edited photo of me and my offensive linemates on the sideline, 1999.  The only
one that's missing is #67, RG: the Tank (Tom Ahrens).  From Left:  #50, LG:  
Matt Thomas; #76, RT: Yours Truly, Dan Culp; #63, C: Derek Curtis; and #55,
LT: Joe Goodman.
Another edited photo, this is of one of the very best people I know, the seven-man
sled.  Isn't she a beauty?  Note the third slot from the right--I did that.
The One and Only Home of Sullivan Eagles Football:
Eagles Stadium, Sullivan, MO.
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Yeah, that's basically how most of our
1999 season went.

10-2 overall

9-1 Regular Season,

Undefeated 4-Rivers Conference Champs

Undefeated District Champs

Sectional Champions

State Quarterfinalists
Final Score of the 1999 District Championship Game at home against Borgia.  
The most exciting game I've ever been a part of.  Capped off by a long TD pass in
the corner of the endzone from Clint Moss to Ahern Nigh.  What a great team
effort that was.  Borgia ended the season 9-1, with no playoffs.